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The Story So Far

After a long manhunt, Regina Tyler, aka Hourwoman, cornered the sinister crocodile-man Ozlow in the Gotham sewers. But after a long battle during which it seemed she would be triumphant, her “Hour of Power” expired and Ozlow was able to slither away to safety. Realizing that the nature of her powers made her unusually dependent on allies, Tyler reached out to a mysterious computer hacker named Burbank, who created a communications network based on Oracle’s but more modest in size. This new network, the Auxiliary Reconnaissance, Protection, and Enforcement Elites (ARPEE) was open to any hero “of character”, though no one really knew what that meant, and it allowed heroes to communicate without going through Oracle first.

Within days, Ozlow parodied Tyler’s invention with a shadow network of his own, administered by an unseen woman known only as “LeStrange”. This network, the Assassination, Raiding, Pillaging, and Extraction Experts, does for criminals what Burbank’s network does for heroes. Burbank and LeStrange moderate their channels and occasionally talk about each other, so they clearly know each other, but they are not omnipresent and they make no demands on the users of the ARPEE systems other than they they remain heroes and villains “of character.”

League Introduction

The Roleplayer League and Legion is a way for roleplayers in DCUO to network with one another, find other roleplayers, group and socialize, all without being told what to do. It is a guild only in an OOC sense. In Character, it is most strongly represented by a communication system to which heroes and villains are invited, not unlike the network which Oracle and Calculator already employ in-world. Fostering roleplay, and creating a welcoming community for it, are the primary goals of the Roleplayer League and Legion.

Members of the Roleplayer League and Legion may be solo operatives, but they may also form their own partnerships or larger groups. If you find fellow roleplayers in the League and decide to leave, forming your own guild, that’s great! We encourage you to remain on the Roleplayer OOC channel as a way to keep in touch with your fellow roleplayers and, of course, should your new guild eventually disband or grow inactive, you are welcome to return to the Roleplayer League/Legion.

The Rules, Such As They Are

Our League channels are IC. If you wish to chat with other members of the League and Legion, join the Roleplayer OOC channel, which exists for this purpose and which is cross-faction. Players who consistently use League channels for OOC chat, and who do not respond to polite requests to take OOC chat off-channel, will be kicked from the guild.

Don’t be a jerk. We’re talking specifically about OOC behavior here. But if you are a jerk IC and people choose not to roleplay with you, this should come as no surprise and no one in this guild is going to do anything about it. People who are jerks OOC will simply be kicked from the roster.

You may bring as many alts into the League/Legion as you like. All alts have a specific rank. You should have only one character above that rank at any given time, but you can switch “mains” at any time. If you wish to switch mains, simply alert one of the officers, who can promote your new main and demote your old one.

New members are placed at the rank of New Member, where they remain for two weeks. This is as much for your benefit as it is for ours. We want to make sure you know what you are getting into. Sometimes players decide they don’t like a group which is IC for League chat, for instance. If that is true for you, you are welcome to leave, and no hard feelings.

Officer positions are for players who help shoulder guild responsibility, and are always OOC. Officers create and supervise regular RP events, help moderate the ARPEE and OOC channel, lead recruitment efforts, and lead regular group runs into PvE content, PvP, alerts and raids. If you are interested in this sort of activity, post on our website or contact your League/Legion leaders: Hourwoman (doctorcomics) or Ozlow (Shadow_Crawler).

Application Directions

Interested in joining the Roleplayer League and Legion? Great! We welcome all players who put roleplay as their first priority. The instructions are simple. First, read everything on this form. Do you understand all our rules and policies? Questions can be posted on our website or on our official thread in the DCUO League Recruitment forum, or you can find us online and in-game through the Roleplayer OOC channel, which anyone can join and use.

If you can work within the simple and hopefully straight-forward guidelines provided on this page, then fill out this form. Tell us what we should call you OOC and as much about yourself as you care to share. If you envision yourself in a particular role within the League/Legion, share that with us too. If you are interested in helping with the work a guild requires, and thus bearing an officer position, you can tell us that too. We're especially interested in your exposure to comics and the DC Universe beyond this game. Are you a comics reader? Do you have a favorite comics story? Tell it to us.

Once we get your information, your name will be passed on to the Officers of the League or Legion, who will look for you and send you an invite. No in-game interview is required; that is why we have a two week New Member status. Once you are on the roster, add the Roleplayer OOC channel and introduce yourself either there, IC on the League channel, or both!

* Why do we need your email address? All members get an email address using their characters name. This email address is used for news and communications. Please note that the email address could be deleted at anytime. It is not for personal use. It's intended for league use only.

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